Monthly Archive: July 2016


Megadyne ACE Blade

The Precision of a Scalpel with the Power of Electrosurgery The single, innovative instrument – combined with the ACE Mode of the Mega Power™ Generator – effectively cuts, coagulates and dissects, reducing the need to pass scalpels and conventional electrosurgical blades back and forth. ACE Blade glides through tissue and safely performs skin incisions with wound healing equivalent to a scalpel. Experience the Benefits of ACE Time Savings The single, innovative instrument combined with...


Megadyne Mega Soft Patient Return Electrodes

50 Million Procedures, Zero Pad-Site Burns Mega Soft is simply set on the operating room table, virtually eliminating the small disposable sticky pad that can damage the patient’s skin. Mega Soft can be used in a variety of surgical procedures and positions, providing a safe and easy-to-use return electrode combined with an effective O.R. table pressure reduction pad.   Mega Soft is radiolucent and latex-free Megadyne provides a warranty and hold-harmless for each Mega...


Mega Power® Electrosurgical Generators

Megadyne offers some of the most advanced, innovative electrosurgical tools in the industry. From the patented Mega Soft patient return electrode, to the proprietary non-stick E-Z Clean® electrodes and pencils, Megadyne provides innovative solutions that improve patient safety, outcome, and reduce costs. These tools are also easy to use and offer superior value. One of the most influential Megadyne products is the state-of-the-art Mega Power electrosurgical generator. Simple On The Outside. Advanced On The...