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Otiocon Hit D Bte Hearing Aids 0

Otiocon Hit D Bte Hearing Aids

Otiocon Hit D Bte Hearing Aids Description: Oticon Hit D Bte A Reliable, Simple And Affordable Solution Having Proven Features, Hit Offers The Best Solution To Your Hearing: Clean And Comfortable Sound. Better Speech. Less Than Ambient Noise. Features: Clean and comfortable sound. Better speech. Less than Ambient noise. Hit the hearing aid will help you enjoy the daily situations. Aids Oticon Hit – it’s more fun to watch TV, a pleasant chat on...

Completely hearing aid in the canal (CIC) 0

Oticon Get Cic Hearing Aids

Completely hearing aid in the canal (CIC) Description: Oticon Get Cic Noise Reduction Digitally Programmed Hearing Aid Noise Reduction System Noise Reduction In Hearing Aids Oticon Get Applies The Assessment Of The Availability Of Speech In The Input Signal To Reduce The Noise In The Frequency Channels Carrying Less Speech Information. Features: The frequency range of 6.5 kHz. Noise reduction (modulation). 1 user Program. Dynamic Noise feedback DFC2. Battery Type 10. To place an...

Polaroid Intraoral Sensor 0

Polaroid Intraoral Sensor – Dental Product

Polaroid Intraoral Sensor Features : • CMOS sensor technology, superior image quality is guaranteed via high definition, a theoretical resolution of >25lp/mm associated to 14 bit grey levels.  • Features corners and a slim design that grant superior handling and positioning within the mouth. • Designed to be fully submergible within liquid to safeguard your preferred method of disinfection. • Size 2 HD intraoral sensor.. To place an order, please call Medikabazaar at +91-7045-917-407 or email:

Polaroid Wired Intraoral Camera 0

Polaroid Wired Intraoral Camera – Dental Product

Polaroid Wired Intraoral Camera Features : • Camera (included head)  • Operation voltage Measurement : 5V • Approx. 202 x 30 x 28 mm • Weight : Approx. 56g • Resolution Sensor/Lens type : 1.3 Mega pixel sensor CMOS I Uquid lens • USB cable Length Approx . 3M • Disposable cover  • Quantity :Raw material Approx.100pes byweight x 2e Polyethylene To place an order, please call Medikabazaar at +91-7045-917-407 or email: Buy Polaroid Wired Intraoral...

Polaroid Wireless Intraoral Camera 0

Polaroid Wireless Intraoral Camera

Polaroid Wireless Intraoral Camera Specification : • Type of product: Medico Centrifuge • Capacity : 8 X 15 ml • Type of Head : Angle • No. of Tubes : 8.0 • Max Speed (RPM): 3500 Features : • Camera(included head) :Operation voltage: 3.7V  • Measurement Approx . 266 x 31 x 37 mm  • Weight: Approx . 140g  • Resolution : 1.3 Mega pixel • Sensor/Lens type CMOS I Liquid lens • Charger...

MedicNRG GentleFile Mini-Kit 0

MedicNRG GentleFile Mini-Kit

MedicNRG GentleFile Mini-Kit Specifications :  The mini kit contains : • 3 boxes with 10 Gentlefile each : • the Gray Box: 10 Grey Files • the GF Box: 10 GF Brushes • the Assorted Box: 6 Red Gentlefile, 2 Blue Gentlefile, 1 #17 Yellow Manual file, 1 #25 Red Manual file • Additional one Disposable head for Gentlefile handpiece MedicNRG GentleFile Mini-Kit Advantages : • Start canal preparation immediately following WL measurement •...


Beurer GS 58 Analog – Digital Glass Weighing Scale

Premium glass scale with cool cockpit styling Large glass scale with speedometer design Analogue and digital dual display Impressive, blue backlit dial and LCD illumination Reminder function (alarm after 24 hours) for comparable measurements Analogue displays in stones & kg, LCD displays in kg and lbs With large platform of safety glass (34 x 31.5 cm) Impressive, white LCD-illumination Easy to read with a 26 mm digit size Reminder function (alarm after 24 hours)...

URIT Automated Urine Analyser URIT 30 0

URIT Automated Urine Analyser URIT 30

URIT Automated Urine Analyser URIT 30 URIT-30 Urine Analyzer Urine Analyzer is a device used in the clinical setting to perform automatic urine testing. The units can detect and quantify a number of analytes including bilirubin, protein, glucose and red blood cells Specifications •Parameters: pH, Nitrite, Specific Gravity, Ascorbic Acid, Blood, Glucose, Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Ketone, Leucocytes, Protein  •Measurement Principle: Dual wavelength reflectance •Measurement Principle: Dual wavelength reflectance method •Measuring Wavelength: 3LED Wavelength (550,620,720nm) •Sample...


Leg Massager Machine JSB HF05

The pain in feet will be forgotten soon with this leg massager machine !     Product Information Specialists suggest that there are lots many nerve endings and pressure points on the sole of the feet. A normal healthy lifestyle requires us to spend most of the time on foot and it is obvious that the end of the day it can do with a little treatment in the form of foot massage. A...


Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7200 JPN1

Using a home blood pressure monitor Monitoring your blood pressure using a home blood pressure monitor can be a really useful way of seeing what your blood pressure is like in your daily life. To get accurate readings, it is important to use the right monitor and the right technique. Which home blood pressure monitor? If you are thinking of measuring your blood pressure at home, it is important to choose the right home monitor. Whatever...