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Want to celebrate a happy and healthy Diwali Here are some tips from Medikabazaar! 0

Want to celebrate a happy and healthy Diwali? Here are some tips from Medikabazaar!

Diwali, a festival of lights is one of the biggest celebrations in India. The festival is celebrated in various forms throughout the country with crackers, sweets and get-togethers being at the core of the festivities. However, during these times, we often overlook as to how our health can get affected during certain activities which we undertake. In this Diwali special blog, we are elucidating on certain health risks associated with Diwali, and their corresponding...


World Osteoporosis Day 2019:All you need to know about the prevalent bone disease

The meaning of the word Osteoporosis is “porous bone.” The condition is a bone disease which is the result of the body not being able to construct the adequate amount of bones or if it loses more bones than necessary. Osteoporotic bones have less density and an anomalous tissue framework,making them prone to breaking easily under minimal pressure from a minor fall, or even sneezing. The disease doesn’t showcase any symptoms at an early...


World Arthritis Day 2019: All you need to know about disease affecting millions around the world

According to Arthritis-India, around 15% of the population (approx. 180 million people) suffer from arthritis in the country. Arthritis in medical terminology, means joint pains and/or joint disorders. The disease affects people of all ages with symptoms lasting either for a short period of time or ending up being chronic in nature. It a widespread disease in India with a higher prevalence rate than AIDS, cancer, and diabetes. There are different forms of arthritis....