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[Funding alert] Healthcare startup Medikabazaar raises $15.8M in Series B round Read more at: 0

[Funding alert] Healthcare startup Medikabazaar raises $15.8M (Rs 112 crores) in Series B round

Medikabazaar, a B2B online marketplace for medical equipment and supplies, has got Rs 112 crore in its latest funding round, led by a clutch of new and existing investors. Healthcare-centric VC firm HealthQuad, Belgium-based diversified group Ackermans & van Haaren, early-stage investment firm Rebright Partners and Japan’s Toppan Printing Co led the fundraise. The startup will use the proceeds to build on its technology suite, supply chain infrastructure and for augmenting its team, as...


Vizipen: The cautery pencil you need for an effective electrosurgery/cautery

Electrosurgery entails the use of radiofrequency electrical current to coagulate, cut, desiccate, and/or fulgurate body tissues. This is done to cut a certain parts of the body without a heavy loss of blood during the surgical procedure. At times, electrosurgeries comprise of the usage of probes, which are heated in order to cauterize tissues. However, this procedure is a bit different to what is known as electrocautery. In electrocautery, the probe is heated in...