Monthly Archive: March 2020


The high-precision neuro drill – Nouvag HighSurg30

Neurosurgery is one of the most important medical fields and one which requires the most finesse. So it is important to have a skilled neurosurgeon (or be one, in case you are interested in it), but equally important it is to possess the right tools that enable a neurosurgeon to perform their task with the level of accuracy required. Your skills and experience decides how you want to approach a neurosurgery. But as it...


Coronavirus, India and Medical Consumables

COVID-19. That’s the code name. The coronavirus has raked its ugly claws on at least 48 countries as of February 27, 2020 with damaging consequences, according to the New York Times article of that day. In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia temporarily halted religious visits which draw millions of people a year. The neighbouring countries of Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates flagged dozens of cases. Iran has the maximum cases out...