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Covid Combat Collaboration Platform 0

COVID Combat Collaboration Platform: All You Need To Know

Accessibility is perhaps one of the biggest challenges for the healthcare fraternity today. The national lockdown imposition undeniably creates barriers in all preceding stages leading up to the final treatment of a patient in a ward. It all starts with a buyer’s, let’s say a hospital for example, hunt for a supplier who will be able to supply the products and equipment which are so crucial to final treatment. Because, let’s realize it, lack...


How Medikabazaar Is Operating As An ‘Essential Service Provider’ During Covid-19 Lockdown

Coronavirus has to be one of the most searched terms in internet history now. It’s a pandemic, and a separate digital pandemic has been created on the internet itself. From bizarre to downright stupid, the internet is literally buzzing with news related to the virus. The global status is divided with China flattening the curve, especially in Wuhan, where the virus originated, and life resuming back to normal gradually. Italy, Brazil, Iran and other...