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Anytime. Anywhere. Lowest Cost | Portable Handsfree Emergency Ventilators 0

Anytime. Anywhere. Lowest Cost | Portable Handsfree Emergency Ventilators

The world is opening up, and lockdown restrictions are being eased in India as well. Life is reverting to normal in most spheres of life, gradually. But in the midst of these balances lies a very strong, and unchanged since the start of this pandemic, challenge: hospitals are struggling to cope with rising COVID-19 cases. Many factors support this claim, one of which is the unavailability of medical supplies that hospitals and care centres...

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Medikabazaar Private-Label: MedSmart & MedScan

Till the time Corona vaccine does not come out and is available for everyone, the risk of infection looms high over the community. Lockdowns would go and normality will be restored, but with filters. Economy needs to be kick stared and workplaces would have to resume to keep the wheels of economy going as we move further to unlock the restrictions. While that happens, each workplace will have to ensure that all safety and...


COVID LIFE KIT and LIFE KIT PLUS: COVID Precaution Kits for family safety

Corona cases are on the rise again. This trend is especially true in all the metros and major cities across India. Bengaluru, one of the first cities to reopen after the lockdown, is observing a more than 2X increase in the number of daily cases*. We at Medikabazaar have matched toe-to-toe with the dynamic environment outside to provide the community with customised solutions wherever possible, since the start of this year. Family products for...