Monthly Archive: December 2020


Infuse Value in Hospital Procurement – VIZI by Medikabazaar

The hospital Industry faces a lot of challenges, the prominent ones being regulatory, pricing, profitability, procurement, clinical and manpower. The biggest and most prominent out of these is procurement. Let’s understand the importance of procurement from patient care and business cost perspectives through a survey finding by Cardinal Health, one of USA’s leading medical supplies aggregators. The result is thus: 40 percent of surgeries get cancelled due to inventory stock-outs. That’s 4 in every...


Purashield Air Purifiers by Medikabazaar

The importance of air purifiers in India has long been underrated, but the advent of the coronavirus changed everything. Products and solutions that deal with anything relating to the respiratory systems have garnered importance in wake of a virus that attacks these systems specifically. Air purifiers are among these products, eliminating microbial such as viruses, bacteria along with pollen, dust, unwanted odours and other airborne particulates contributing to the prevention of lung diseases. Medikabazaar...