Buffalo filter VisiClear®

VisiClear® is our most advanced acute care offering for surgical smoke evacuation. Combining Safeport Technology, an occlusion warning, filter life tracking, and one-touch programmable procedure modes for open tubing, electrosurgical pencil, and laparoscopic procedures, VisiClear effectively captures and filters surgical smoke, removes odors, particulates and other potentially hazardous by-products.

EZLink, an automatic activation device, can be used to remotely turn the evacuator on and off, saving filter life. ViroSafe® Fluid Trap is designed to capture fluids to help maintain the integrity of the filtration system and assist with maintaining filter life.


Product Features & Benefits

  • Procedure Operating Modes
    One of three operating modes (Laparoscopic, Open Tubing, and Electrosurgical Pencil Mode) can easily be selected, automatically customizing filter life based on surgical procedure.
  • Advanced Sound Control Design
    Whisper Technology™ ensures ultra-quiet operation with unprecedented sound quality.
  • Sleek Shelf Design
    Ergonomically designed to accommodate stacking.
  • Occlusion Warning
    Safety feature that alerts medical personnel when an occlusion has occurred.
  • Intuitive Color Touch Screen
    Easy to use, requires minimal training, and can be operated with gloved hand.
  • Unique Sliding Port Closure
    SafePort Technology™ ensures reduced risk of staff coming in contact with a contaminated port.

To place an order, please call Medikabazaar at: 1800-123-0201 (India toll-free) or email: info@medikabazaar.com

Purchase Buffalo Filter VisiClear 220V smoke evacuation system on Medikabazaar

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