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Dry heat warming system TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Features Dry heat warming system Efficient warming from 0 to 600 ml/min Automatic and without adjustment Fixed temperature instruction: 41°C Exit temperature display LCD display screen Exit temperature level alarm Well positioning bag detector Monitoring of regulation probes Monitoring of heating plate temperature Benefits Fast setting up of the bag and the specific set No contamination risk of the transfused liquid Easy priming Minimum maintenance requirement Easy and...



Rapid infusion pump / warmer The performance with the service of the emergency care FlowTherm creates by the association of the rapid infusion pump FlowPump and of the blood/fluid warmer ThermWarmer , represents the most complete and efficient combination for warming patient management during important blood lost or hemorrhage in per and post operative or emergency service. In addition to the technical specifications of each product, this unit allows: a fast and sure setting...



SUNCHIP : A UNIQUE CONCEPT The SunChip system was specifically developed for Hyperthermic IntraPeritoneal Chemotherapy System (HIPEC), based on the recommendations of Dr. Dominique Elias (department of general oncology surgery) and the biomedical staff at the Gustave Roussy cancer institute in Villejuif, France. The SunChip system, which helps to regulate the temperature and flow of chemotherapy liquid in the peritoneal cavity, was developed to combine : For Purchasing this product visit our store website...