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Purashield Air Purifiers by Medikabazaar

The importance of air purifiers in India has long been underrated, but the advent of the coronavirus changed everything. Products and solutions that deal with anything relating to the respiratory systems have garnered importance in wake of a virus that attacks these systems specifically. Air purifiers are among these products, eliminating microbial such as viruses, bacteria along with pollen, dust, unwanted odours and other airborne particulates contributing to the prevention of lung diseases. Medikabazaar...

A checklist of items for a medical first aid kit 0

A checklist of items for a medical first aid kit

Keeping a medical first aid kit for emergencies is essential. The kit should be kept at home or in the car, especially in a place where it can be easily accessed. Infants should be kept away from such kits till the time they are old enough to understand its purpose. A first-aid kit can be purchased at medical stores and they can also be customized as per your needs. Regardless of the customization, every...

Hospitals and medical service providers have to be efficient in order to administer the best possible care to their patients. For this, medical institutions should stock up appropriate medical supplies, such that it is readily available at their disposal. There are some essential medical supplies that must be available at every medical service center. Some of them are as follows: • Stretchers: During emergencies, it is essential that patients are quickly transferred to the right medical department without any hindrances. For this, stretchers should be readily available in any medical institution. • Patient monitors: Patient monitors keep a track of the patient’s overall health before, during, and after, any medical procedure. Therefore, it is crucial for medical institutions to install this medical supply to ensure the utmost wellbeing of their patients. • Defibrillators: This medical device is mainly used during emergency situations, such as cardiac arrhythmia and tachycardia,in order to revive the patient’s heart functions. • Anesthesia machines: In order to maintain a steady supply of anesthesia to patients, these machines are a must have for medical care providers. • Surgical tables: These tables are used to prepare patients for a surgical procedure, during the operation, and also during the recovery phase. • Surgical lights: In order to conduct a surgery successfully, surgeons must be provided with sufficient light. Hence,surgical lights are an essential medical supply. • Sterilizers: This medical supply is used to wash off any form of microbial life from medical instruments. Microbial life includes, bacteria, spores, and fungi, which might be present on medical equipment.These can transfer infections to patients when used on them. • ECG machines: The Electrocardiogram machine is used to keep a check on the cardiac electrical activities of the patient for a particular duration of time. This helps the doctor to understand and assess any irregularities. • Blankets and fluid warmers: During surgical procedures, if the body temperature of the patient is not regulated, then it might lead to post-surgery complexities such as perioperative hypothermia. It can also extend the recovery duration of the patients for which they might need to be hospitalized for a longer period of time. Hence, blankets and fluid warmers are very essential for healthcare providers. • Medical supplies to prevent bloodstream infections: Medical practitioners who conduct procedures like putting central venous catheters in patients must use sterilized medical supplies like masks, gloves, gowns, and drapes, which cover them from head to toe. This is important so that patients are not affected by bloodstream infections. These are some of the essential medical supplies which will make any hospital or medical institution competent in providing the best services to their patients. Log on to Medikabazaar to buy medical supplies. 0

Commonly used medical supplies in hospitals

Medical supplies constitute the backbone of any medical procedure. Without the essential devices, healthcare facilities will not be able to render quality medical care to patients. There are various types of medical supplies ranging from small-sized electrocautery pencils to large-sized dialysis machines. For this reason, hospitals should keep a regular check on their inventory to schedule purchases accordingly. This will help them avoid instances of unavailability of medical supplies and devices. Although medical establishments...