COVID LIFE KIT and LIFE KIT PLUS: COVID Precaution Kits for family safety

Corona cases are on the rise again. This trend is especially true in all the metros and major cities across India. Bengaluru, one of the first cities to reopen after the lockdown, is observing a more than 2X increase in the number of daily cases*. We at Medikabazaar have matched toe-to-toe with the dynamic environment outside to provide the community with customised solutions wherever possible, since the start of this year.

Family products for life

Medikabazaar COVID LIFE KITS are customized product kits or simply Corona Safety Kits, designed for individuals wanting to take care of their families and societies. These kits are curated by our team of experts, who have ensured that they are ideal for complete home care purposes.

In these unprecedented times, these are more than products. These are tools and solutions to save yourself and your families from the second wave of the virus. Hence the name, LIFE KITS

covid precaution kit

Protection from every direction - 4 variants of Medikabazaar COVID LIFE KITS

We have created 4 COVID home care precaution kits for varying needs, 2 each under COVID LIFE KIT AND COVID LIFE KIT PLUS. Individuals can choose any of these 4 based on their requirements. We shall come to each of them individually in a moment.

First, let us start with the commonalities:

All 4 packages contain essentials without which any kit would be incomplete. Each product is quantified suitably by our team, according to the nature and/or usage of the product.

The products start with face shields and standard 3-ply and KN95 masks. Masks, we must bear, are not fashion accessories but a utility commodity which must be taken with as much seriousness as social distancing. Most masks in the market are cloth masks or the like, all of which are sub-standard for the purpose and gravity of usage.

Pulse Oximeters are included; easy, painless tests through your index finger to measure oxygen levels in the blood. One of the alarming COVID symptoms is shortness of breath. Pulse oximeters could be used to detect the early alarm bells which might be the deciding factor in saving a patient’s life.

All 4 variants contain oxygen cylinders, which vary on the type of kit one selects.

PPE Kits, Nitrile Gloves, and Sanitizers along with a couple of pharmaceuticals form up the rest of the components.

Differentiating the 4 variants


It is all about detecting the symptoms and treating them ahead of time.

The higher-end COVID LIFE PLUS KIT includes an Infrared Thermometer, a contactless method of measuring body temperature. This serves the all-important purpose of regulating body temperature of not only one household, but also relatives, friends, and neighbours. Of course, it can be used for an entire society too. That is the power of one Infrared Thermometer.

IR Thermometers also have lesser inclinations towards errors because of their technological base and enjoy a long life span of 5-10 years.

Kit 1 contains an Oxy 99 to increase oxygen levels in the body and help restore brain and body functions to normal.


Kit 2 contains everything from Kit 1, and only replaces Oxy 99 with a 3.1 litre Oxygen Cylinder complete with regulator, humidifier bottle and nasal tubing with cannula.


These are exactly similar versions of LIFE PLUS Kits with the exception of Infrared Thermometers.

To Conclude

It is good that the entire manufacturing industry is chipping in to produce what they can to stitch the demand-supply gap of essential products. Without negating their efforts, one must remember that healthcare companies have been caring for families and communities since many years, and it is their core specialization to do so.

Head out to Medikabazaar, India’s largest online B2B platform for medical supplies, and order a COVID LIFE KIT for you and your loved ones.

COVID Kits for sale. Act now!


*As of July 7, 2020

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