How Medikabazaar Is Operating As An ‘Essential Service Provider’ During Covid-19 Lockdown

Coronavirus has to be one of the most searched terms in internet history now. It’s a pandemic, and a separate digital pandemic has been created on the internet itself. From bizarre to downright stupid, the internet is literally buzzing with news related to the virus.

The global status is divided with China flattening the curve, especially in Wuhan, where the virus originated, and life resuming back to normal gradually. Italy, Brazil, Iran and other countries scattered across geographical locations are facing the brunt currently. India is on a 21-day lockdown till April 15, with many speculating if it will be extended. All reports of extension, however, are unconfirmed as of 31st March, including the supposed 15-day extension in Maharashtra.

Amidst this, there is a separate world of workers, doctors, and essential service providers who are quite literally risking their lives to give comfort to people in the safety of their homes to relax and comment online.The world has realized the value of daily workers pretty fast. From janitors to CEO's of companies still operating, nonstop efforts are being made to sustain the globe and curb the pandemic before it passes the critical line. While doctors and other personnel from the healthcare fraternity are being lauded for their work, and similarly services such as delivery personnel, a thought should also be spared for the higher management in private and public capacities who are planning the execution of such strategies. Risk mitigation, collateral damage control and future contingencies are all factors that need equal consideration today to prevent the global economy from collapsing and plunging us into another global recession, just a decade more after the recession of 2008.

Medikabazaar falls under the ambit of ‘Essential Service Providers’ as part of companies and services excluded from the lockdown on account of the vitality of their services to society’s functioning.Right from the onset of the virus in Wuhan, Medikabazaar was pitched in the limelight as being one of the first companies Chinese authorities connected with to provide protective gear and essential supplies in large quantities. All resources across its 18 locations in India were and continue to be fully activated to procure, and deliver Covid-19 related products.

The lockdown imposition created many hurdles in the normal operational process. One noteworthy obstacle is the implementation of government directives at the local level. Local authorities continued to curb the travelling of sales and delivery personnel and halt goods from being transported for a completely plausible reason of preventing transmission of the virus, even after clear government directives to allow movement of essential goods between two locations. All this was duly managed by printing raw stickers on sides of vehicles, as ‘Essential Service Providers’ and employees wearing the company uniform, carrying IDs and donning protective equipment at all times.

A sudden influx of orders from Indian as well as foreign healthcare institutions temporarily overwhelmed the process. The senior management at Medikabazaar took full responsibility in owning up to the task and setting a strategy that will take the company through the next few months, ensuring that all requirements are met throughout India. Carried out through the head office situated at Andheri, Mumbai, all instructions are seamlessly communicated in real-time to Fulfilment Centres and the relatively larger Central Distribution Centres (CDCs) alike. All functions which can, are working from home. In essence, Medikabazaar deals with the regular co-ordination and gap management of Work From Home scenarios as well as the unique set of challenges which the lockdown has brought.

Maximum number of suppliers and potential customers of Covid-19 products are being enrolled even as this is being read. Towards this end, Medikabazaar has introduced a platform by the name of ‘Covid Combat Collaboration Platform’, an initiative which aims to enrol suppliers, customers and experts of Covid products and its situation under a single roof. You can visit the page here

Medikabazaar’s business model has always been titled towards the social cause. A personal family tragedy led CEO Vivek Tiwari to find a solution to deliver medical supplies and equipment in even the remotest locations across India. At just 5 years of age, we are a fast-paced and perhaps one of the most thriving start-ups in the B2B healthcare space today. Accessibility and innovation are the cornerstones upon which our company is built. And we are leaving no stone unturned to take this challenge as an opportunity to serve our community and our homeland, because this is a time when we have to align our efforts with all concerned in the healthcare industry and the national government, rolling out a collective response to mitigate the situation while we wait for the pandemic to end or a cure to rise.

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