Medikabazaar Private-Label: MedSmart & MedScan

Till the time Corona vaccine does not come out and is available for everyone, the risk of infection looms high over the community. Lockdowns would go and normality will be restored, but with filters. Economy needs to be kick stared and workplaces would have to resume to keep the wheels of economy going as we move further to unlock the restrictions. While that happens, each workplace will have to ensure that all safety and protection precautions are taken systematically and not left only to an individual’s discretion.

Medikabazaar believes that technology is the foundation upon which solutions can be built in real-time. We have improvised and adapted continuously to deliver much-needed medical equipment across metros and remote regions alike. 

Hygiene for India - Made in India

With the increased focus on Aatm Nirbhar Bharat approach, we are happy to share that Medikabazaar has collaborated with Wipro to bring two superior quality Made in India private label products to provide top-notch safety for workplaces. 

Let’s have a look at the product features:


MedSmart is definitely one of the most new-age products when it comes to complete office solutions post-corona. Factor this: Deep Learning Algorithm, Central web and mobile dashboard, Face recognition capacity, Offline support, Live tracking, Capability for customization. It is as robust as they come.

Allow us to jot down these features pointwise: 

  1. This new-age device enables you to take contact free attendance with the help of its face recognition technology. Here’s a stat: Its AI-based face recognition has a 99.93% accuracy for 5,000 faces scanned
  2. MedSmart also detects real-time body temperature of the person
  3. It scans if the person attending the office is wearing a mask or not 
  4. The machine comes with an inbuilt automated sanitizer dispenser which makes entering the office a complete contactless experience
  5. Lastly, it offers a health dashboard which updates as soon as the employees are scanned and maintains a complete day-to-day health record of each individual it scans. (Complete with live monitoring of device status in central dashboard)

MedSmart by Medikabazaar



The ergonomically designed, more basic version of MedSmart, MedScan is an all-utility-no-frills device applicable to every single work establishment out there. 

  1. It is an automated hand-sanitizer cum IR thermometer
  2. Comes with an automatic temperature measurement (-40 c to 125 c) which reflects on a 1.4 inch LED screen
  3. The sanitizer container is capped at 1 litre, which could be used to refill with sanitizer or suitable liquid soap, etc.

How it works: An employee stands in front of MedScan. An infrared light measures the temperature and displays it on the 1.4 inch LED screen. The employee places hands under the unit, and sanitizer is dispensed automatically.

MedScan Automated Hand Sanitizer cum IR Thermometer


Productivity and Precaution: A balanced approach

The need to protect the workplace environment is now more than ever. The mantra to be adopted is this: Pre-empt the possibility of a virus spread, prevent it by having the right equipment at your establishment, and thus protect yourself and your team from all any health and safety concerns.

Contact us at or click here to know more MedSmart and MedScan.

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