Medikabazaar and CBC Japan establish India’s first dental lab with Zoo Labo

Medikabazaar and CBC Corporation India Pvt Ltd (an ancillary organization under CBC Co.,ltd, Japan) on 12th July 2019, established India’s first state-of-the-art dental laboratory with prominent Japanese dental laboratory, Zoo Labo.

Zoo Labo comes with a significant 40-year experience in manufacturing high-quality crowns, bridges, and other dental supplies. Established in 1974, in Kanagawa, Japan, Zoo Labo is one of the pioneers in introducing the CAD-CAM technology in country.

They will be providing their expertise and technological know-how to Medikabazaar, which will in-turn help us to make top-of-the-line dental crowns, and bridges for the Indian dental industry. The lab which is situated at Medikabazaar’s headquarters in Andheri, Mumbai, will be Zoo Labo’s first venture outside their home country.

Medikabazaar and CBC Japan establish India’s first dental lab with Zoo Labo

What are we manufacturing?

Medikabazaar, with the help of Zoo Labo, will be manufacturing dental crowns made from Zirconium, a metal which has similar characteristics to that titanium. As dental crowns are used to replace a tooth, it is essential that the crown sustains for a long period.

Zirconia, non-metallic crowns, which comes in two types (Monolithic and Layered), are the quintessential crowns which comes with a registered strength of 1000-1350 Mpa. Zirconia crowns are one of the strongest in the dental market which makes them resistant to chipping, cracking, and discoloration.

With additional features such as anti-corrosion, minimal occlusal clearance of 1.5 mm, and its biocompatible material making it congruent with the mouth tissue, Zirconia crowns are set to revolutionize the Indian dental industry.

At Medikabazaar, we have always strived to work towards enhancing the medical industry of India. Our endeavor of establishing the dental laboratory is just a constructive step towards that goal.

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