Benefits of wearing a Disposable Face Mask


Disposable face masks are medical supplies that are worn to cover the mouth and nose and prevent people from inhaling poisonous airborne substances or other impure substances. Alternatively, it also serves as a shield against ill people who may unintentionally spread illnesses via the contaminants that might come out of their mouth. Generally, in medical health care centre, disposable face masks are used to prevent the spread of infections from patients who are sick. The masks are quite effective when the patient comes in contact with other people. However, facemasks are also worn by the hospital staff and employees working in medical healthcare institutions because they regularly deal with different kinds of patients having varied types of diseases.

Disposable face masks are known by different names. Some of these terms are surgical procedure masks, dental procedure masks, and laser and isolation masks. Face masks come in different shapes and sizes along with varied densities of thickness. The thickness of the mask significantly affects the breathing capabilities of the person wearing it. If the thickness of the mask is high, then it will make the breathing difficult. Which is why, at times, people with suffering from asthma and emphysema might have to consult a doctor before wearing face masks.

Disposable face masks are not meant to be used for long durations. The masks should be disposed of immediately if and when they get ruined, or if the person wearing it suddenly finds it difficult to breathe. In medical healthcare institutions, doctors and nurses who perform surgical procedures wear surgical face masks to prevent the transfer of germs and other contaminants that could infect the patient. Alternatively, it also prevents any sort of germs emanating from the patient and infecting the surgical staff during the operation procedure. Used face masks, if not disposed of properly can lead to infections. Hence, used face masks must be kept in rigid plastic bags and then thrown in wastebaskets.

Another advantage of face masks is to avoid the inhalation of pollutants and other toxic particles through filtration. If the quality of air becomes perilous, then face masks such as N95 or any other category of particulate filtering face-piece respirators are used to block out the lethal elements from entering the nose and the mouth. However, regular face masks, on the other hand, can be used in places where the level of toxic particles and other airborne contaminants are less. But, regular disposable face masks often don’t serve their purpose as they don’t fit perfectly over the nose and mouth. This happens because some people have facial hair which restricts the face mask from covering the mouth and nose entirely.

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