Different types of disposable gloves available online

There is a wide range of disposable gloves available online, which are used for different kinds of activities. Therefore, at the time of purchasing, it is important to assess the type of activity undertaken and then order the appropriate gloves.

Different types of disposable gloves available online

Different types of disposable gloves available online

Below are some of the various types of disposable gloves:

  • Latex gloves: This category of gloves are used by medical professionals and people working in the beauty sector. Latex gloves are believed to be so thin that wearing them can feel like a second skin. It provides high touch sensitivity and docility that ensures that tasks are done efficiently and the hands stay stable during the operation. It also serves as a good barrier against the transfer of infectious substances, thereby preventing cross-contamination. However, latex gloves offer low resistance against various chemicals. These gloves are biodegradable and can be disposed of in an eco-friendly way.
  • Polythene gloves: This type of gloves are used in tasks which need high amounts of sanitization and involve non-hazardous items, such as in activities related to food items. These gloves are bigger in size and at times even stretch till the arm providing safety to the forearms too. They are long-lasting, productive gloves that are efficient in preventing cross-contamination. These gloves are available in two types, smooth and embossed. The embossed polythene gloves provide higher grip as compared to the smoother ones. These gloves can only be used in tasks which entail lesser risk and are not suitable for medical and chemical-based activities.
  • Vinyl gloves: This type of disposable gloves are used in activities which involve low danger, non-hazardous substances and food preparation (except fatty consumables). Vinyl gloves are relatively inexpensive and can be used by people who are allergic to latex gloves. These disposable gloves are totally synthetic. They are effective in low-risk tasks which require a certain level of protection. Like latex, vinyl gloves also give low protection against chemicals. Medical vinyl gloves can be used only for certain activities such as housekeeping and hygiene-related duties.
  • Nitrile gloves: This type of gloves are used by medical professionals, mechanics, and laboratory staff and also in food-related activities. These disposable gloves offer protection against a wide range of chemicals and other hazardous substances. It also has good tensile characteristics. Nitrile gloves are made up of synthetic rubber which makes it a good alternative for people who suffer from latex allergies. Nitrile gloves also have more puncture resistance than latex.

When buying any type of disposable gloves the following must be done:

  • Hand size: Any disposable gloves should be bought according to the size of the hands. If the size is too big or too small then it might not be able to provide optimal protection.
  • Protection standards: Although disposable gloves are used as personal protection equipment (PPE), but it must be ensured that the gloves meet all the regulatory conditions for safe usage.
  • CE mark: Always ensure that the gloves have the CE mark which assures that the equipment has been tested and certified for use.

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