A clean and sterilized medical facility: Why is it important and how to do it?

A medical clinic is a very sensitive facility. People visit this facility with their various ailments and diseases to get diagnosed and treated. Therefore, in order to not make things worse, it is imperative that medical establishments are clean and sterilized. The appropriate disposables, sterilization kits should be kept in place along with hardline protocols for discarding used medical consumables. Apart from this, an overall purity and cleanliness of the facility is essential to prevent patients and hospital staff from getting infections.

It is important to remember that, even if the patient is successfully diagnosed, they are still at risk if the facility is not clean. So how to go about achieving this?

Here are some simple steps:

  • Biohazard waste is dangerous especially if the medical facility cannot implement its proper disposal. It should be discarded in purpose-built containers and the areas where the waste was kept must be decontaminated immediately
  • Used surgical gloves are a primary source of infections as they can be easily reused by mistake by doctors. They should be put in appropriate waste containers and disposed of immediately after use
  • Doctors should make it a point to clean their hands after a patient visit. This is just a safeguard to prevent from infections getting spread
  • Dispose of waste materials at regular intervals rather than piling them and waiting for the cleaning company
  • Patient and doctor bathrooms are to be cleaned regularly using disinfectant germicidal solutions
  • Surgical instruments after use, should be kept in appropriate trays and sent for sterilization
  • Hospital staff should be educated and informed about the importance of keeping the facility and their work areas clean which will result in efficiency during everyday tasks
  • Kitchen and lunchrooms can be a breeding place for mosquitoes and insects if not cleaned properly. The hospital cleaning staff and employees should take part in the cleanliness of the area which can go a long way towards ensuring the prevention of breeding and in turn infections

The cleanliness of a medical facility should not be restricted to its operating rooms. An overall sanitation can result in the safety of both patients and doctors finally resulting in operational efficiency.

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