Artificial Intelligence: The revolution has started and healthcare is a part of it!

The digital boom is already done and dusted with. Consumers and businesses have already shifted to the internet sphere realizing its vast potential. However, technology is something which doesn’t stay stagnant but keeps on moving forward. Customers want more enhanced and personalized experiences while brands are aiming to reach their intended target audience faster.

Artificial Intelligence: A piece of the cake

The 30 technology of the next decade

The 30 technology of the next decade

Artificial Intelligence is that next step which many are thinking to take while some have already taken. It is the cake, a piece of which everyone wants.

As per definition, AI means developing the computer systems to enable them to do work which needs human intelligence such as visual and speech recognition, make decisions, etc. Marketing which is one of the most vital cogs of any company is gradually moving towards using AI.

AI algorithms are assisting marketers to gather and analyze large troves of consumer data. The data can then be used to create campaigns which are more personalized and directed.

AI and Healthcare

A report by PwC, “Reimagining the possible in the India healthcare ecosystem with emerging technologies,” detailed out how the Indian healthcare industry is also taking a similar road in implementing AI in diagnosis and treatment.

A survey taken in 2017 by PwC revealed that around 42% of Indian healthcare executives are investing in AI. We are two years into the future after this survey was taken so it can be imagined as to how much progress the healthcare industry is making. AI has been used in quite some healthcare operations. Some of them are as follows:

  • Breast cancer screening: Screening systems based on AI are being implemented in place of thermographic imaging as the former is resulting in affordable solutions for screening breast cancer at early stages of the diseases. This in turn leads to better survival rates.
  • Symptom-based diagnosis: Physicians, especially in India, have to spend a long time with patients with uncomplicated cases. This time can be given to patients with complex diseases. AI is helping doctors prioritize their time by allowing doctors to access symptom repositories where they can understand which patient needs more attention based on their symptoms.
  • Patient appointment: Chatbots are being used to schedule patient appointments with doctors based on the patient’s medical and communication history. They analyze the records and then decide which patient needs an urgent appointment.


At Medikabazaar, we also integrated AI in our latest proprietary application, Vizi. The application provides hospitals with precise stock projections so that they can purchase the appropriate quantity of medical equipment, devices, and/consumables at the right time. This way they can reduce their operational expenses in the procurement of medical supplies and also manage their inventories efficiently without having to face excesses, shortages, and expiries in stock.

Medikabazaarclearly understands the changing scenario in the healthcare industry where there is a lack of automation in inventory management and where hospitals find it difficult to manage their inventories due to an erratic demand of medical devices for patient care.

That is why we have chosen to go beyond just selling medical equipment and devices online and offer a modern solution for today’s immediate problem. As AI is the way forward, we have embraced the new revolution and we are moving ahead with the time.

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