Refurbished Medical Products: Why is this important for a country like India?

Healthcare in India is still a difficult proposition for many. Medical care, especially for complex diseases such as cancer are massively expensive. The most effective treatments are available in super-specialty and multi-specialty medical establishments in select cities. Indian news reports say that a significant 70% of all medical expenses are being paid by the patient’s pocket, which is known as an out-of-pocket expenditure (OOP). Consequently, high such expenditures on healthcare are pushing people below the poverty line.

One of the reasons for such high medical expenses is that hospitals procure their supplies at disproportionate prices, which has a ripple effect on the medical bills of the patients. This is where refurbished medical supplies come to the rescue for medical establishments, especially the ones with financial constraints.

By purchasing refurbished products, medical establishments can save approximately 50% of their costs. Additionally, they can administer medical care for complex cases which they wouldn’t have been able to earlier. More so, hospitals with a financial crunch who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to invest in technologically advanced medical equipment will be able to keep their facility updated with the latest devices in the market.

A question does arise here. Are these refurbished medical supplies safe? As they are used to diagnose human beings, they must be flawless in their operation and structure even if they are used before.

The answer to this lies in fact as to from where is the hospital is sourcing their supplies. In short, the supplier. Medical facilities should always purchase refurbished equipment from certified manufacturers selling authentic supplies, which comes with guarantees, warranties, and maintenance services from the vendors. Unlicensed vendors selling counterfeit products don’t come with the characteristics mentioned above. Using these products can seriously affect the diagnostic processes and subsequently, patient care.

Services like “MedikaRecycle” provided by companies like Medikabazaar is a good option when it comes to sourcing genuine quality refurbished products for your medical establishment. We conduct extensive and rigorous background checks before allowing vendors to sell their supplies on our platform.

Developing nations, such as India, have a ripe market for refurbished medical products due to numerous hospitals in tier 2, 3 cities, and rural areas who need them to service the medical needs of the people effectively. Suppliers and vendors must provide the best quality devices with all the necessary value-added services. This will not only help hospitals treat their patients but also lift the negativity and doubt surrounding the use of refurbished medical devices.

To buy genuine refurbished medical products, visit Medikabazaar !

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