The Digital Boom and the era of E-Commerce

India’s digital era has arrived as it was destined to since the inception of the mobile phone in the 1990s. Life has become easier for us we are living on our fingertips. Every action, from ordering dessert late night after dinner to cutting tickets for the family for a long vacation, has been digitized and with a rampant integration of technology, made accessible to us at our homes.

Businesses in India, especially the small and medium-sized ones are the ones who are leveraging this developing digital landscape. The boundless and unhindered space of the internet has enabled them to reach a customer base which they wouldn’t have been able to some years back. More so, targeted marketing has helped them to cater to only those customers who are looking for a particular product/service which is helping them expand as well.

On the customer’s end, they now have a variety of choices on the internet from where they can get their required products/services. Previously, where only certain financially strong companies monopolized the market and the customers had no choice but to opt for them; now the companies are vying for the customer’s attention. Digitization has flipped the switches. The customers are the kings where their reviews, and reactions on social media can make or break a company.

Healthcare companies are not taking a back step in this digital era. Companies like Medikabazaar, have integrated technology so seamlessly into their operations that they are now connecting with hospitals in tier 2, 3 cities, and in interior places of the country like Tinsukia district in Assam, and providing them with essential medical equipment, consumables, and other supplies.

E-commerce companies like Medikabazaar have taken over the medical supplies industry, an industry vertical which did not have any major players in the Indian market. Medikabazaar’s journey is a great example of India’s digitization. It is because of the high penetration of the internet in every corner of the country, many new organizations such as Medikabazaar are able to make a difference by reaching their intended customers and provide the products/services which they require.

According to reports, the number of internet users in India is expected to reach a significant number of 627 million in 2019. The country crossed the half-billion mark due to internet services reaching the rural areas. Around 293 million users reside in urban areas while approximately 200 million active users are in the remote locations of India.

The digital revolution is not going to slow down. The number of internet users will only grow and as India takes this upward trajectory, e-commerce companies will expand in greater numbers which is and will be positive for the Indian economy in general.

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