World Blood Donor Day 2019: What is it about and the Indian Scenario!

In the year 2005, health ministers from countries across the world gathered at the 58th World Health Assembly and gave their universal support towards the betterment of the cause of voluntary blood donation. Resolution number WHA58.13 was approved which recognized June 14 as World Blood Donor Day. The resolution urged the member nations of the World Health Organization (WHO) to establish parameters and checks for the secured implementation of blood donation, transfusion, and viable long-term programs. The resolution also asked nations to deploy such measures as widely around their country as possible so that an ample amount of blood can be collected and stored for patients in need.

Blood is an essential component especially as patients require it during surgeries, accidents, bone marrow disorders, immune deficiency syndromes and haemoglobin disorders which might be inherited. A crucial focus must be placed on women in this context, as blood is absolutely vital for the ones who are experiencing bleeding during pregnancy and childbirth. Children also require blood in cases of malaria-induced anemia, and malnutrition.

World Blood Donor Day 2019: What is it about and the Indian Scenario!

We can get a small idea as to how vital blood is, however, the Indian scenario does not show positive signs when it comes to meeting the WHO standards of blood storage. News reports of 2018 stated that India was short of 1.9 million units of blood which is equal to 60 tankers than the required amount. It was also reported that 1.9 million of blood was more than enough to conduct around 320,000 heart surgeries, and 49,000 organ transplantations.

However, when we dig a little deeper, there was a silver lining where states such as Chandigarh, Delhi, Dadra and Nagar Haveli went above and beyond the WHO recommended levels of blood units. But, states such as Bihar which had a blood requirement of around 1, 167, 257 units could only collect a mere 182, 242 units.

The number of blood banks in the country is also quite disproportionate as states like Maharashtra have around 328 blood banks, and Uttar Pradesh with 294. However, the downside is that 74 districts in 17 states of the country are without any blood banks.

India’s grim situation echoes the theme for World Blood Donor Day 2019 which focuses on the urging more people to donate blood and the importance of safe blood transfusions.

Hospitals, clinics, NGO, or who so ever is conducting blood donation camps should ensure that the appropriate checks and measures are taken. The blood donation camp personnel should be equipped with vital devices such as vein detectors while the analysis of the blood should be efficiently conducted via instruments such as hematology analyzers, before injecting the same into another person.

Medikabazaar celebrates World Blood Donor Day 2019 by providing quality products which can be used by both blood donation camp personnel and the blood analysis team. This way, we are helping medical establishments in ensuring that everyone has access to safe blood.

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