Let doctors practice and Medikabazaar will do the hectic

Let doctors practice and Medikabazaar will do the hectic

How can hospitals purchase quality supplies by investing less time and money in the procurement process? We have the solution. Let’s have a look.

Procurement of medical supplies is a vital part of medical establishments. Without quality hospital equipment, surgical instruments, and consumables, doctors will not only be unable to diagnose illnesses but more importantly, at times can render the wrong treatments which can be fatal.

The Problem

Therefore, medical establishments should always look to appoint a reliable medical equipment supplier or suppliers from whom they can not only purchase quality supplies but buy at competitive and budget-friendly prices. Although hospitals provide a significant moral service where they cure people from life-threatening diseases, they are just like companies with common operational expenses such as staff salaries, debts, etc. Medical supplies procurement is the second largest expense which constitutes approximately 1/3rd of a hospital’s Total Cost of Operations (TCO). The reason for such high operational costs in procurement is due to offline supply chain systems which are still employed by Indian healthcare facilities. Lack of channels for gaining product information, the limited scope of comparing them along with restrained communication lines between manufacturers and hospitals are some of the main limitations of offline procurement. These disadvantages result in uninformed purchases by hospitals where they end up buying mid-quality supplies at disproportionate prices. This in-turn severely affects patient care. Additionally, as hospitals purchase supplies at high prices, patients have to bear expensive medical bills making healthcare unaffordable for many in a country like India.

The Solution

Why Medikabazaar, an online B2B medical equipment supplier, comes to the rescue? The company’s online platform has more than 100,000 medical devices, equipment, and consumables from where hospitals can choose their required supplies. The following points will precisely describe Medikabazaar’s offerings:

  • The platform allows medical establishments to compare products, such specifications, and prices which helps them to make informed purchases.
  • With a single point of purchase, hospitals don’t have to contact multiple vendors and handle numerous quotations which save them valuable time and transactional costs. This way, medical establishments can save significantly in their operational expenses thus in-turn making healthcare affordable for the patients.
  • In India especially, medical facilities in tier 2, 3 cities, and remote locations can get their supplies via Medikabazaar’s efficient last-mile delivery, something which fragmented offline distribution systems have failed to achieve.
  • Medikabazaar’s online platform provides flexi-finance options such as zero-cost EMIs and rolling credit limit for easing the payment process for healthcare facilities.

We are a medical bazaar as our name suggests. Medikabazaar is a marketplace which comprises of a doctor’s 360o supplies requirements. By enabling hospitals to adopt an online procurement system, the Mumbai-based organization is making the supply chain of hospitals more transparent and streamlined.

With Medikabazaar successfully taking care of the procurement worries, doctors can concentrate on diagnosing the patients without having to think about the quality of supplies needed for any treatment they undertake.


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