World Sight Day is the most decisive campaign and an event for awareness dissemination of paramount significance in a yearly ocular health calendar.

World Sight Day (WSD) is celebrated on the second Thursday of October to target global attention on blindness and visual impairment. This year it’s celebrated worldwide on 11th Oct 2018.

This year the “CALL TO ACTION” for World Sight Day 2018 announced by The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness(IAPB)  is “EYE CARE EVERYWHERE.”

Now a quick overview on India’s Data on eye health

{Data courtesy: The Vision Loss Expert Group, 12th Oct, 2017}

  • Distance Vision loss (for all ages) : >45% (Prevalence: 4.63%)
  • Distance Vision Loss (Age >50) : 15-20% (Prevalence: 17.12%, 2015)
  • Causes of blindness(for all ages ):
  • Cataract {Crude Prevalence: 0.25%}
  • Uncorrected Refractive Error {Crude Prevalence: 0.26%}
  • Glaucoma {Crude Prevalence: 0.04%}
  • Corneal Opacity {Crude Prevalence: 0.02%}
  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD){Crude Prevalence: 0.02%}
  • Other {Crude Prevalence: 0.12%}
  • As per the GBD Regiondivision, South–Asia itself is recorded to have 17 million of population suffering from Near Vision loss in 2015 which is expected to rise to 3.63 million by 2020.


  • Eat Healthy, See Healthy, Stay Healthy
  • Yearly visit to doctor keeps problem afar
  • Wear the glass, better thevision
  • Wear safety eye gear on, eye injuries are bygones
  • Sport your Shades even in the shades
  • Let’s go active, eyes remain proactive
  • Maintain 20-20-20 Rule, eyes remain ultra – smooth
  • Quit smoking or die trying


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