Hospital Information System: Why should every hospital have it?

Hospital Information System (HIS) is a software which manages the all-round administration of healthcare facilities. A HIS controls the information flow between numerous departments within a hospital thus allowing the employees to perform tasks efficiently. The first HIS was introduced in 1960 and with time it has gone through various changes to make it more effective. Recently, computers have become an integral part of HIS.

A computerized HIS comprises of actions such as input of data, processing, outputs, and boundary. Once the HIS receives the data, it is processed, which then results in a particular output.

The modern-day HIS does not only provide assistance to administer better medical care but they provide services which are pivotal to a facility’s flawless functioning. They are as follows:

  • Better financial management: Finances are the backbone of any organization. Appropriate allocation of money in respective departments of a hospital will result in optimal functioning and a HIS will enable the management to perform the task of finance allocation efficiently.
  • Consolidated information integrity: Communication of wrong information, especially in a medical establishment can result in fatal consequences. An effective HIS will significantly decrease the risk of incorrect information being conveyed thus resulting in better decision making.
  • No Duplicity of Information: Manual entry of information can often lead to the same messages getting registered. This can lead to functional discrepancies. With HIS, the entry of duplicate information can be reduced.
  • Reduced report turnaround time: For effective functioning, reduced turnaround times in general are an essential. With efficient HIS, the turnaround times of reports of medical tests can be reduced significantly which is highly important for providing the right diagnosis/treatment at the right time and without any delays.

HIS has been segregated in different factions for different departments of medical establishments. They are as follows:

  • Nursing Information Systems (NIS)
  • Physician Information Systems (PIS)
  • Radiology Information System (RIS)
  • Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  • Cardiology Information System (CIS)
  • Pharmacy Information Systems (PIS)
  • Material Management System (MMS)
  • Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

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