How healthcare can benefit from a digital landscape

India is going through a wave of digitization. There are more than 400 million internet users while 51% of the population using the internet a daily basis. It is predicted that approximately 25% of the Indian population will be able to access social networks as opposed to around 23% in 2019. Due to prominent telecom service providers such as Jio, the internet has also penetrated the rural areas which earlier were primarily said to be disconnected. As consumer behavior moves steadily towards an online platform, small and large businesses in various industries have decided to reach out to their online customers rather than waiting for the latter to reach them.

How healthcare can benefit from a digital landscape

Like other industries, healthcare is also integrating the internet with its services for enhanced services to patients. On the diagnostic side, patient monitoring systems are undergoing a gradual revolution as Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) applications are helping doctors proactively understand the needs of their patients and provide more accurate treatment. Robotics have been implemented in surgeries which have helped doctors conduct operations remotely, saving numerous lives in the process.

Other than the diagnostic side, hospitals are now adopting online procurement systems to streamline their supply chain thus departing from offline systems which have been proven to be ineffective when buying medical equipment.

E-commerce companies like Medikabazaar, have pioneered in establishing an online B2B platform from where hospitals can purchase consumables, equipment, surgical instruments. Where in offline systems hospitals have to contact multiple vendors and deal with numerous quotations, an online platform serves as a one-stop purchase point where they can search, compare specifications, prices and then buy via multiple flexible finance options. As healthcare facilities can compare different products online, they can purchase the best medical equipment at competitive prices. This allows them to buy quality medical supplies, save money without having to compromise on patient care.

Procuring medical supplies constitutes one of the highest expenses in a hospital’s operational costs. An online supply chain system can drastically cut down OPEX by 30% helping medical establishments get savings and thus build on achieving operational efficiency. An online procurement system brings more transparency and flexibility to the supply chain system which helps hospitals not only take care of their operations but make healthcare more accessible and affordable for the patients.

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