Surgical Smoke Plume is a Health Hazard


Medical surgeries have proven to be a boon for mankind; however, they too come with a lot of consequences. Did you know that many OR professionals are exposed to potentially dangerous smoke plumes emanating from electrosurgical units? Inhaling this smoke for hours can prove to be dangerous and causes several health complications.  Surgical smoke is a lethal by-product of surgical devices. This smoke includes roughly 150 chemicals, including 16 EPA priority pollutants, toxic and carcinogenic substances, viruses and bacteria.


Any medical procedure that involves the use of electrosurgical units (ESUs), lasers, ultrasonic and electrocautery devices, and powered instruments like bone-saws and drills, will produce some kind of smoke plume. Continuous exposure to this plume causes long-term health hazards such as respiratory illnesses, warts in throat and nose, etc. Some statistics suggest that the plume created in a single day in an OR is equivalent to smoking as many as 30 unfiltered cigarettes. 

Surgical smoke causes

Surgical smoke has been known to carry possible bacteria that have been cultured from surgical smoke. In the presence of a scientifically verifiable hazard and the absence of definitive epidemiologic proof of health consequences, the most sensible course of action is to minimize exposure, which has practically no downside risk.


Besides minimizing the risks associated with the physical, chemical, and biological components of surgical smoke plume, there are several reasons to evacuate the smoke:

  1. Surgical smoke creates visibility difficulty during invasive procedures and procedures where there is a lot of tissue ablation, slowing down surgical time and potentially increasing the risk of complications
  2. Medical staff has reported a number of symptoms associated with exposure to surgical plume including nausea, headaches, sneezing, lightheadedness, dizziness, eye/nose/throat irritation, etc.


Buffalo Filter, a company based in New York, manufactures several devices that help in evacuating smoke from operating rooms. Products like VisiClear®, ViroVac®, and PlumeSafeTurbo® are the products we deal in and have exclusive distribution rights all over the SAARC region.

VisiClear® is the most advanced acute care offering for surgical smoke evacuation. Combining Safeport Technology™, an occlusion warning, filter life tracking, and one-touch programmable procedure modes for open tubing, electrosurgical pencil, and laparoscopic procedures, VisiClear effectively captures and filters surgical smoke, removes odors, particulates, and other potentially hazardous by-products.

Buffalo Filter VisiClear 220V Smoke Evacuation System (Ind Pneumatic Footswitch And 1 3-Port Filter)

Buffalo Filter VisiClear 220V Smoke Evacuation System

Product Features & Benefits

  • Procedure Operating Modes
    One of three operating modes (Laparoscopic, Open Tubing, and Electrosurgical Pencil Mode) can easily be selected, automatically customizing filter life based on the surgical procedure
  • Advanced Sound Control Design
    Whisper Technology™ensures ultra-quiet operation with unprecedented sound quality
  • Sleek Shelf Design
    ergonomically designed to accommodate stacking
  • Occlusion Warning
    Safety feature that alerts medical personnel when an occlusion has occurred
  • Intuitive Color Touch Screen
    Easy to use, requires minimal training, and can be operated with a gloved hand
  • Unique Sliding Port Closure
    SafePort Technology™ ensures reduced risk of staff coming in contact with a contaminated port

Smoke filters


smoke pencil

smoke pencil



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