World Heart Day 2019: A promise made for healthy hearts!

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are one of the major reasons for deaths in India as well as around the world. According to a report by World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 18 million people die every year due to CVD which accounts for around 31% of deaths in the world. Tobacco consumption, physical inactivity, and alcohol use are the primary reasons for most of the CVD cases.

World Heart Day, started on 29th September 1999, aims to raise and create awareness about CVD in families, communities and even governments to take the appropriate steps towards providing the afflicted with the required diagnosis and treatments. This includes the basic medical setup, equipment and supplies, and medicines for non-communicable diseases, all of which can result in either preventing or saving people from CVDs.

This year’s theme for World Heart Day revolves around making a promise to live a “heart-healthy” life. This involves all members of a community to make and fulfill their promises which can result in a society which is free from heart diseases. The theme asks for families to cook and eat heart-healthy food, policymakers to legislate and implement laws which can lead to efficient CVD diagnosis and treatments, healthcare workers to help patients quit smoking and make healthy habits along with  other members of communities world-wide to do their part for a CVD-free life.

Such a movement is especially important in India where heart diseases are one of the primary reasons for mortality. According to reports in 2018, the occurrence of heart diseases have increased in every Indian state from 1990 to 2016. In 2016, heart diseases and strokes resulted in around 28.1% of total deaths. In straight numbers, in 1990, 28 lakh people died due to CVDs while the number increased to 28 lakh in 2016. A concerning fact was that more than half of the deaths were people below 70 years of age.  

This World Heart Day, Medikabazaar is making a promise to help doctors and hospitals diagnose and cure CVDs by giving them the best cardiology equipment and devices. Life starts with the first beat and it’s up to us to keep the rhythm going.

Medikabazaar wishes all of you a happy-heart life!

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