Breast cancer in India: Current landscape and a new-age early detection device to counter it!

Breast cancer occurs when the cells in the breast become uncontrollable and spreads out. Cancer can develop in various parts of the breast. The type of breast cancer depends on which type of cells turn malignant. Breast cancer can spread across to the other parts of the body and when this happens, is believed that cancer has metastasized.

Breast cancer is the most prevailing form of cancer among women in India, as stated by a Medanta hospital 2018 report titled, “Breast Cancer In India, By The Numbers.” The report further said that 1 in every 28 women has a high likelihood of getting the disease within their lifetime while India had the highest number of breast cancer-related deaths in 2017. Let’s look at some more statistics to understand the current landscape of breast cancer in India.

According to reports by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a subsidiary of World Health Organization (WHO), in India, approximately 42,647 new cases (28.8%)of breast cancer were recorded in women below 45 years of age with an estimated 14,190 (21%) mortality rate.

Early detection of breast cancer is an effective way to curb the fatal consequences of the disease. The importance of early detections is also reflected in the Medanta report which stated that late detections of breast cancer decrease the survival rate of patients by 3 to a significant 17 times.

Medikabazaar, in an attempt to help Indian medical establishments, effectively perform early breast cancer detection, introduced the innovative and technologically advanced Braster Pro, a thermographic imaging device from prominent Polish manufacturers, Braster. We signed an agreement with Braster in February 2019 after which Medikabazaar brought the device to the Indian market.

Breast cancer in India Current landscape and a new-age early detection device to counter it!

Braster Pro-Breast Examination System

Braster Pro is a portable device comprising of a matrix which contains a liquid-crystal emulsion made from a proprietary technology by Braster. The device is placed on the breast and via this inventive technology, enables doctors and medical practitioners see breast abnormalities and lesions as small as 3mm in size. Braster Pro enables doctors to administer a painless and radiation-free breast screening which is both effective and safe for the patient. From a doctor’s point of view, they can get accurate test results within minutes thus allowing them to take the next appropriate step timely, for further diagnosis and treatment.

The above-mentioned characteristics make Braster Pro, a highly efficient solution for early detection of breast cancer and a potent complementary process to the already existing procedures such as mammography.

Medikabazaar has conducted multiple breast screening camps in medical establishments as well as corporate offices with Braster Pro. The sessions were highly successful which has paved a way for this new-age device to make a smooth transition into the Indian healthcare industry and assimilate itself with the current medical procedures prevalent in Indian medical facilities.

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