Clarity Stress Test System – True ST

Clarity Stress Test System - True ST

Clarity Stress Test System - True ST

The True ST machine offers a stress test system and has an effective GUI and aesthetics. It’s an ergonomic treadmill that allows for smooth waveform without pixelization. Users can expect accurate beat detection and J, ISO, post J point marking and results calculations. The display windows are flexible. The interface is intuitive and user-configurable. It’s also capable of previewing and printing pages.

Features :

  • Stress Test System having salient features like:
  • Effective GUI & aesthetics.
  • Smooth waveform, No pixelization.
  • Accurate Beat detection and Iso, J, post J point marking & results calculation.
  • Flexible display windows, user configurable with the intutive interface.
  • Flexible print pages with total preview.
  • Ergonomic treadmill.

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