Vizipen: The cautery pencil you need for an effective electrosurgery/cautery

Electrosurgery entails the use of radiofrequency electrical current to coagulate, cut, desiccate, and/or fulgurate body tissues. This is done to cut a certain parts of the body without a heavy loss of blood during the surgical procedure.

At times, electrosurgeries comprise of the usage of probes, which are heated in order to cauterize tissues. However, this procedure is a bit different to what is known as electrocautery. In electrocautery, the probe is heated in high temperatures by directly connecting it with an electrical current source such as dry-cells. However in the case of electrosurgery, the probe, if used, is heated via radio frequencywhich in turn heats the tissue which comes into contact.

If the process is implemented to perfection, the desiccation and coagulation of the tissues result in the occlusion of the blood vessels and finally stops the bleeding. The probe which is being used here is often a pen-like device which is known as an electrosurgical or cautery pencil. The surgeons use this device to cut open the tissue during surgical procedures.

In order to do this procedure efficiently, the cautery pencil must be of high quality. This is where Medikabazaar’sVizipen provides a significant help to the surgeons. The product is manufactured in Taiwan and comes with the relevant buttons and switches allowing the users to operate with ease.

During electrosurgery/cautery, surgeons need to be very careful about not allowing the cautery pencil to slip or get disbalanced from their hands. Vizipen is designed in way which makes it completely slip-proof. The device is also easily usable with the major electrosurgical unit brands in the Indian healthcare market. Additionally, the device comes with tip cleaner as well.

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