A list of medical disposables and their uses

A list of medical disposables and their uses

A list of medical disposables and their uses

Medical disposables are devices which are intended to be used temporarily or only once. They are quite simple to operate and do not require maintenance and sterilization. Doctors use a new device every time and throw it after use.

A medical establishment requires certain essential disposables to render quality patient care. These are as follows:

  • Medical gloves: Doctors always use this consumable during any medical procedure. It protects them from getting infected with various diseases and also prevents higher sensitivity during surgical and diagnostic procedures
  • Infusion disposable products:
    • Needles: This infusion consumable is used for efficient venipuncture procedure. They are made of stainless steel and are covered with a silicon coating
    • Flashback chamber: It monitors the instant flash of blood after the venipuncture process and prevents the spilling of blood
  • Cardiothoracic disposable products: Medical procedures related to the lungs and the heart utilize multiple disposable devices such as heart valves, ligating clips, tip sheath, etc
  • Blood bags: This medical disposable is used for blood transfusion. It comes with a transparent and flexible drip chamber and a micron blood filter
  • Umbilical catheter: This device is used to connect the umbilical vessels of infants in their pre-mature stage or when born after the completion of the full term
  • Blood collection tubes: These vessels come in various sizes and are used to collect samples of blood for multiple diagnostic purposes
  • ECG electrodes: These devices are wet sensors which need a gel for better conductivity between the skin and electrodes during ECG procedures
  • Pressure monitoring valves: This disposable device eases the passage of medication to the body by minimizing movements at the point of insertion (cannulation).
  • Medical masks: Medical masks are used by doctors for protection from various communicable diseases while carrying out diagnostic and surgical procedures
  • Surgical dressing: These disposables are used to cover wounds and cuts to speed up the healing process. It also protects the affected area from harmful substances in the environment

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