HIPEC Disposable Kit: Contents and why is it used by hospitals

Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) is used to eliminate all cancer cells from the abdominal cavity via surgery and heated chemotherapy. To perform the procedure, medical establishments use a HIPEC disposable kit which contains the appropriate devices.

HIPEC Disposable Kit - Contents and why is it used by hospitals

The medical disposable product contains the following:

  • 1 Heat Exchanger: This keeps the intraperitoneal fluid infused at 43-45°C so that the temperature of the fluid is maintained at 41-43°C
  • 1 Procedure Pack:
    • 1 Y-connection and 2 sumps
    • 1 Y-connection and 2viaguards
    • 4temperature probes (2 inside the sheath and 2 in the pouch)
  • 1 4.4 liter reservoir: It is used when the chemotherapy liquid must be taken out from the abdomen quickly due to any complication
  • 1 vacuum relief valve
  • 1 non-vented cap
  • 1vacuum source tubing with filter

HIPEC procedures are used for patients with mesothelioma (malignant tumor affecting the lungs), pseudomyxomaperitonei (cancer which starts in the appendix), and peritoneal cancer (abdominal cancer).

The operational procedure takes approximately 6-9 hours. During the surgery, a high amount of chemotherapy like mitomycin-C, oxaliplatin, and cisplatin into the abdomen of the patient. It is heated at a temperature of 41-42°C which results in higher efficacy of the chemotherapy. The heat exchanger does the heating and circulation of the chemotherapy. This part of the process goes on for 30-90 minutes. This surgical method is only one part of the entire operational procedure. However, nowadays the entire surgical procedure is known as HIPEC.

HIPEC treatments are quite complicated and must be conducted by experienced and professional doctors. Also, patients should choose medical establishments which have the appropriate medical disposable products and surgical disposables to undertake the procedure.

It must be noted that although HIPEC procedures are performed to heal the patient, abdominal cancer develops in a very hostile manner and has the tendency to recur even after successful treatment. At times, doctors can advise for additional chemotherapy sessions after HIPEC to avert chances of the disease recurring.

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