What are the uses of hypodermic needles?

hypodermic needle is a hollow needle which is used with a syringe to inject substances into the body. The word “Hypodermic” can be broken into two parts. “Hypo” meaning under and “dermic” meaning the skin.

The needle is also used to extract substances from the body (like blood in the case of venipuncture). This device is used to provide patients with liquids which cannot be consumed orally because of two specific reasons. One is they cannot be easily absorbed (like insulin), or because these particular liquids can damage the liver. This needle is also used to give rapid intradermal delivery of liquids to the patients in case of emergencies.

A hypodermic needle plays a pivotal role in researches which need sterile conditions. The device helps to reduce the level of contamination during inoculation of sterile substrates through two ways. Firstly, due to the needle’s sleek surface, airborne viruses don’t get stuck on an uneven surface. Secondly, the needle is very sharp which makes the diameter of the hole (after the membrane-puncture) small enough to not allow any large microbes enter the body and damage the substrate.

This device is majorly operated by medical professionals such as dentists, paramedics, nurses, and physicians. At times, it is also used by the patients themselves. Patients with Type 1 diabetes use the needle to inject insulin into their body. Patients with asthma and other serious allergies also use this needle. Such patients need desensitized injections and at times may also need to carry injectable medicines in case of severe allergic reactions.

Hypodermic needles are made from stainless-steel tubes. It is manufactured through a process called tube drawing. They are developed with several components, such as a barrel, needle, cap, and a plunger. The endpoint of the needle is beveled to make a sharp point which can easily move through the skin.

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