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Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, Omron is a leading manufacturer in user-friendly health monitoring medical devices. Their products make the task of tracking one’s health convenient as it enables the patient to monitor his vitals from the comfort of their homes. The company was initially created by Japanese businessman Kazuma Tateishi in 1933. It was named Tateishi Electric Manufacturing Company and was established in 1948. The organization was named Omoro, as it was created in a place called Omuro in Kyoto, Japan.

Omron’s mission is to create medical equipment which are simple yet adequately effective in helping people monitor their health on a daily basis and maintain a healthy life. Each of their devices are constructed to provide the best technology which makes health-monitoring possible at the push of a button.

Some of their health-monitoring products are as follows:

  • Blood Pressure Monitor: This device detects hypertension, irregular heartbeat, and blood pressure.
  • Non-Vascular Screening Device: This equipment is used for detecting peripheral artery and cardiovascular diseases. The device comes with a foolproof touch panel, and its compact size will enable the user to place it anywhere.
  • Nebulizer: This equipment makes sure that the medicine flows deep inside the respiratory It is lightweight and makes the entire process soundless. It also comes with adult and pediatric masks.
  • Portable ECG Monitor: This medical device measures and records heart activity on a continuous basis for 24-48 hours. The apparatus consists of analysis software and can be operated on low power.

Omron operates on three core values: Innovating medical devices based on social needs, challenging themselves, and giving respect to others. Omron’s blood pressure monitors are accessible in 110 nations, and they have sold 200 million units of the same which makes them the market leaders in this category. In 2016, the company released the Omron Application Program Interface (API). They encouraged mobile app developers to take part in an open-source collaboration where they could network and establish an environment which was aimed at realizing their goal of “a world with zero heart attacks and strokes.” A survey which was undertaken on 29th March 2018 among doctors revealed that Omron blood pressure monitors were the most recommended brand.

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