Steps for a sustainable Ophthalmology practice

Ophthalmology is the medical practice of diagnosing and treatment of eye ailments. Ophthalmologists carry an abundance of knowledge about their practice. However, to sustain a practice for a long period of time, an ophthalmologist needs to take certain steps which expand beyond the realm of their expertise.

This blog aims to list down some of the points which an ophthalmologist can implement to further their practice by enhancing patient experience and medical outcomes while maintaining a steady income.

  • Keep in touch with fellow ophthalmologists. The practice and the overall industry is going through changes every day and what better way to get valuable insights about it other than from the ones who are already practicing themselves? Talk. Debate. Discuss, and keep yourself updated
  • Be proactive about your practice and try to devise a five or ten-year plan rather than a “going with the flow” approach. To do this, keep reading, engaging, and learning about the Ophthalmology practice
  • Nourish and develop your relationship with the patient. Other than talking about their eyes which is an obvious scenario, greet them and give a warm welcome and also enquire about non-medical details such as their travel plans, daily activities. Note these details for future reference in case needed
  • Time is of the essence and is a pivotal aspect in patient care. According to senior ophthalmologists many practitioners make their patients wait. They should cut the waiting time and provide the required diagnosis, and information within an acceptable time period
  • Undertake complicated cases with honestly and empathy. This way, you can not only be a good doctor but avoid cases of medical malpractice which not only stems from negative medical outcomes, but also by inefficient handling of those outcomes

The sustainability of a practice does not only rest on the practitioner’s ability to cure their patients but making their entire journey comfortable. By balancing efficient diagnosis along with patient care, ophthalmologists can sustain their practice for the long term.


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