The high-precision neuro drill – Nouvag HighSurg30

Neurosurgery is one of the most important medical fields and one which requires the most finesse. So it is important to have a skilled neurosurgeon (or be one, in case you are interested in it), but equally important it is to possess the right tools that enable a neurosurgeon to perform their task with the level of accuracy required.

Your skills and experience decides how you want to approach a neurosurgery. But as it stands, a neurosurgeon often needs devices that are able to cater to the minute requirements of the operation.

This is where I would recommend Nouvag HighSurg30 Neuro Drill, a HighSpeed Neurosurgical Power Tool developed for neurosurgical indications from famous Swiss manufacturers Nouvag. Nouvag is a globally recognised Swiss company with almost 5 decades of expertise in developing and manufacturing dental and medical equipment.

Here’s a short summary of what Nouvag HighSurg30 has to offer. I will continue with a detailed explanation of each accessory after that:

Nouvag HighSurg 30 is a high-speed, low-vibration motor system with speeds reaching upto 80,000 rpm. This highly reliable device is also versatile in its ability to individually control perforator, craniotome and high-speed handpieces. Its advanced Shaver System enables safe and precise cuts with both continuous and oscillating modes. A peristaltic pump preserves a wide range of Shaver Blades and a pedal controls the pump, allowing supreme efficiency of operations. Along with this, two motor connections and a large user-friendly display exhibiting rpm and torque graph ensure that you focus on your job with minimal distractions.

Let me take you through the list of the features in point-wise format:

1. Microprocessor motor management

A sophisticated, microprocessor controlled motor management exudes silky-smooth, low vibration running of any handpiece with speeds of up to 80,000 rpm. The cuts are precise and safe, and are now possible with the further developed Shaver System with a continuous, as well as oscillating mode.

Apart from Nouvag HighSurg30, such a feature is only available right now in higher-priced motor systems, at least in the Indian market

2. Two motor connection

Absolutely unique to Nouvag, a two motor connection with speeds of 80,000 rpm and 50,000 rpm allows neurosurgeons to reduce OT time considerably. But beyond that, it is the rooted concentration of the neurosurgeon, sparing him/her the pain of changing the attachments that is the real win here. No other competing product will grant this function to the user. Keep the perforator and burr attached simultaneously, no worries.

An integrated electrical torque control for 80,000 rpm motor facilitates speed stabilization or increment during demanding tasks. Its directional self-ventilation creates durability for comfortable performance

The 50,000 rpm motor comes with a twist protection lock.

It’s all about aiding the master at his craft.

The 80,000 rpm electric motor

3. Angled and straight handpieces

The angled handpieces:

The straight handpieces:

4. Host of other features

High-speed diamond burr, inbuilt tunable peristaltic pump, pedal for better control, big display screen for effective visibility and sync during surgical procedures and other associated accessories are all at one’s disposal. The Nouvag HighSurg30 Motor System is built for individual, reliable and versatile control of perforator, craniotome and high speed handpieces. The perfect neurosurgery power tool.

Having a look at the competition, here’s what we find:

  1. Stryker Core 2 Console, Meditronic Midas Rex and Manman (Indian brand) are the three that provide major competition to Nouvag HighSurg30 in the Indian market
  2. Stryker also has a good product, with widespread presence and an established market reputation. Inspite, or perhaps because of, this, some of its post-sales services are dampening, like non-availability of diamond burrs (one has to wait for approximately 1 month if it is out of stock). However, the overall product is in order.
  3. Meditronic also provides more or less the same product features as Stryker, in the same price range. Manman is the most affordable of all four brands, with its Indian manufacturing favouring its operations

Here’s how Nouvag HighSurg30 stands up to its competition: (read on, important part coming up)

  1. Costs approximately 30% lesser than its international counterparts. That’s right. Read it again.
  2. The same, if not more, features
  3. Two-motor system with speeds reaching 50,000 rpm and 80,000 rpm
  4. Combined features of in-built peristaltic pump, higher rpm and awesome portability

Nouvag really has created a unique product at less than the market cost. Perhaps that is what has made it one of the most established names in the market today.

To purchase Nouvag HighSurg30, contact our experts at +91 9707 232323 or email at info@medikabazaar.comWe would be pleased to assist you.

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