Mega Power® Electrosurgical Generators

Megadyne offers some of the most advanced, innovative electrosurgical tools in the industry. From the patented Mega Soft patient return electrode, to the proprietary non-stick E-Z Clean® electrodes and pencils, Megadyne provides innovative solutions that improve patient safety, outcome, and reduce costs. These tools are also easy to use and offer superior value. One of the most influential Megadyne products is the state-of-the-art Mega Power electrosurgical generator.


Simple On The Outside. Advanced On The Inside.

Electrosurgical generators are a key component in the electrosurgical circuit because they produce electrosurgical waveforms that have corresponding effects on tissue as the waveforms change. This sole function adds ease and efficiency to the to entire surgical process.

Megadyne designed the Mega Power generator with one particular goal in mind: to improve overall functionality in a surgical setting and to increase the proficiency of the surgical staff. The intuitive design is complete with a user-friendly interface that has the power to perform consistently and flawlessly, providing efficient and effective surgical outcomes regardless of tissue type.

The Mega Power's Features Include:

  • Large, easy to read displays. Highly visible, even at a distance.
  • Recall feature readily recalls previous power settings and modes on set-up.
  • Quick scroll feature allows for fast and accurate power setting adjustments.
  • Power switch is easily accessible on front panel of generator.
  • Highly visible return electrode warning light.
  • Eight clearly labeled and easily selectable mode settings.

With the assistance of the electrosurgical generator, your surgical team can complete efficient, effective surgical procedures by eliminating lag-time and potential user complications. Previous models of electro surgical generators caused confusion and frustration that ultimately caused complications in surgery. However, with Megadyne’s electrosurgical generator, these problems are now a thing of the past.

Contact us today learn more about the Mega Power ESU generator or to request product samples. Talk with one of our friendly representatives for further information on various other Megadyne products that can bring ease and efficiency to the operating room.


Mega power

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