Megadyne Mega Soft Patient Return Electrodes

50 Million Procedures, Zero Pad-Site Burns

Mega Soft is simply set on the operating room table, virtually eliminating the small disposable sticky pad that can damage the patient’s skin. Mega Soft can be used in a variety of surgical procedures and positions, providing a safe and easy-to-use return electrode combined with an effective O.R. table pressure reduction pad.



  • Mega Soft is radiolucent and latex-free
  • Megadyne provides a warranty and hold-harmless for each Mega Soft pad
  • The Mega Soft Dual Cord allows one pad to be used with two separate electrosurgical generators at the same time
  • Use our Green Calculator to find out how much waste you would reduce by using Megadyne’s reusable patient return electrode
  • Use our Mega Soft Cost Analysis to find out how much money you would save by using Megadyne’s reusable patient return electrode

Contact us today learn more about the Mega Soft. Talk with one of our friendly representatives for further information on various other Megadyne products that can bring ease and efficiency to the operating room.


Mega Soft


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