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World Heart Rhythm Week!

Heart Rhythm Week will start on the 5th of June until the 11th of June 2017. It will be celebrated all over the world with various events and activities hosted by government health agencies and private organizations. The main purpose of the public health awareness week is to spread awareness and understanding about the different heart rhythm disorders including their common signs and symptoms. Some of the amazing facts about Heart are: 1) The...



The different parts of a tooth are: The crown, which is the part you can see above the gum line The neck, where the crown meets the root The root, which is the part that extends into the jawbone The enamel, which is the shell that covers the visible part of the tooth The cementum, which covers the roots The dentin, a bone-like substance which makes up most of the tooth The pulp and...


Success Scenes of Medikabazaar!

The place where every minute is enjoyed and hours are pragmatically lost! Rooted originally in Mumbai, and with its growing success, Medikabazaar has its branches at Ahmedabad and Delhi striving hard to achieve more each day with its team. This is the place where People Stay Positive, Work Hard and Make It Happen! Success scenes of #Medikabazaar


World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day is observed around the world on 31st May to encourage sobriety from all kinds of tobacco products. #Medikabazaar takes this opportunity to support and encourage awareness against tobacco consumption in any form whether beedis or cigarettes. If you ever said, one day I will QUIT SMOKING…This is the day! Let us all come together and “Say No to Tobacco and Yes to Life”  

Appasamy Indirect Ophthalmoscope 0

Appasamy Indirect Ophthalmoscope

FEATURES Compact and Light weight Stereo Optical System Has all Pupil Features Rechargeable battery integrated on head Brilliant white light with uniform and  well spread LED illumination Direct operation is possible when battery is charging Simple & Smooth controls for adjusting the headband Availability Cobalt Blue and Green Filters Integrated Teaching Mirrors in Left and Right TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Focus distance  300 – 800 mm Inter Pupilary Distance  50 – 74 mm Pupil size optics...

Two M Auto Lensmeter dl-900 0

Auto Lensmeter DL-900

Two M Auto Lensmeter DL-900 Exquisite detail and quality. Sophisticated shape combined with soft curves and attractive color with high quality Perfect to store spare roll paper, marking pen two-tone metallic and pearlescent paintwork which complements any interior and appeals atmosphere of trust to the customer. Green LED light gives more precise measurement values without Abbe value adjustment.(Previous model had RED LED light). In the pursuit of ergonomics, lens holder and marking pens are...



Saliva is a complex fluid, which influences oral health through specific and nonspecific physical and chemical properties. The importance of saliva in our everyday activities and the medicinal properties it possesses are often taken for granted. However, when disruptions in the quality or quantity of saliva do occur in an individual, it is likely that he or she will experience detrimental effects on oral and systemic health. Often head and neck radiotherapy have serious...


Medikabazaar now at FAMDENT!

We are glad to announce our presence on FAMDENT SHOW 2017 to be held on 26th – 28th May, Mumbai. Famdent is one of the India’s leading Dental Events and Publication Company. Medikabazaar unveils an exhaustive range of Dental Supplies at this event.

Appasamy Motorised instrument table ACC 002 0

Appasamy Motorised instrument table ACC 002

Simple and Sleek Model Smooth and Easy to use One Touch Up and Down positioning with DC motor Options for customized Table Top Technical specification Type Motorised Up / Down Movement Range 150 mm Stoke Length Motor DC 24 V / 2.8 A Load lifting capacity 200 Kg Power input AC 230 V/50 Hz (AC 110 V/60 Hz-optional) Fuse 3A Power Consumption 75 W (max) Dimension 600 (L) X 410 (B) X 670 to...

Uni-EM Multiscope 3 YK (5 para) 0

Uni-EM Multiscope 3 YK (5 para)

FEATURES Gives 72-hour graphic and tabular trends of monitored parameters. Multiple analysis available like ST Segment Analysis, Arrhythmia Analysis, HR analysis, NIBP and Sp02 combined analysis. Networking enabled. Pacemaker Detection capability. Drug Calculations and Titration Table in-built. Alarm recall functionality for 60 latest events with waveforms. Built-in rechargeable Battery. 12.1 inch color TFT Display with 9 Waveforms Parameters monitored include ECG/RESP, SpO2, NIBP, TEMP and PULSE RATE Optional parameters: IBP, EtCO2 Maximum 72 hours...