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SUNCHIP : A UNIQUE CONCEPT The SunChip system was specifically developed for Hyperthermic IntraPeritoneal Chemotherapy System (HIPEC), based on the recommendations of Dr. Dominique Elias (department of general oncology surgery) and the biomedical staff at the Gustave Roussy cancer institute in Villejuif, France. The SunChip system, which helps to regulate the temperature and flow of chemotherapy liquid in the peritoneal cavity, was developed to combine : For Purchasing this product visit our store website...



ABOUT FLAT HEAD SYNDROME Flat Head Syndrome is found in 1 in 2 babies Flat Head can be developed due to continuous Pressure on Specific Area Babies spend lot of time lying on their back and may develop flat spot In young babies it is easy to correct Flat Head Syndrome ABOUT TORTICOLLIS Torticollis refers to ‘Unbalanced Neck Muscles It pulls the infant’s head into an abnormal tilt It can be due to improper...